For Professionals

Health Screening

Pre-Enrollment Physical Examination

A pre-enrollment physical examination is required of all entering students. Immunizations as listed on the pre-enrollment form and below must be completed before entrance to the school and documentation provided that they have received all required immunizations. The student is responsible for all costs associated with these requirements. Each student is encouraged to have health insurance while enrolled.

Immunization Requirements

The immunization requirements are as follows:

  1. MMR (measles, mumps, rubella)
    All students born in or after 1957 who enter institutions of post-high school education must have documentation of two (2) doses of measles vaccine (preferably given as MMR). If no documentation of MMR administration, must obtain MMR titer screen, or if more cost  effective, obtain immunization.
  2. Tetanus – diphtheria or TDAP (must have within last 10 years)
  3. PPD Tuberculin Skin Test (within last 3 months prior to enrollment)
    Chest X-ray required if PPD is positive; must complete any testing as recommended by physician
  4. Hepatitis B Series
  5. Varicella
    Positive history of chickenpox is acceptable. For negative history – strongly recommend immunization.

Student Health

The health and well-being of students are of vital importance to the School of Health Professions. Students are responsible for maintaining a current health file, which includes the Health Screening components and current immunizations. Documentation of the first dose of Hepatitis B Vaccine, a sufficient Hepatitis B titer, or a signed waiver is required prior to starting clinical experiences. The influenza vaccine will be offered annually, and screening for tuberculosis exposure (PPD) is provided by DRMC Employee Health during the enrollment of students in courses in the second year of the programs. Students must comply with DRMC infection control policies and guidelines.