For Professionals


LifePoint Hospitals Incorporated; Danville Regional Medical Center; The School of Health Professions and its affiliates, make no guarantees, written or expressed, regarding employment following graduation. The School reserves the right to make and designate the effective date of changes in the curriculum, course offerings, fees, requirements for graduation, and other requirements that are considered to be desirable. Any changes designated in the Student Handbook (distributed to students at the beginning of each academic year) supercedes the catalog, otherwise, the Student Handbook and the catalog are to be used together to guide decision making.

Termination/Cancellation of a Program
Program Termination/Cancellation Grounds
Danville Regional Medical Center School of Health Professions (“School”) reserves the right to cancel or terminate a program for any reason. Examples of reasons for termination include but are not limited to:
• Lack of demand in the community workforce for graduates of a program
• The School’s inability to secure needed resources (e.g. clinical facilities, faculty)
• Insufficient financial resources
• Insufficient enrollment

Program Termination/Cancellation Procedure
In accordance with applicable law and accrediting agency requirements, the School will prepare and implement a plan to address matters related to program termination/cancellation. With respect to currently enrolled students, the plan may include offering courses needed to complete the program of study and/or assisting with the transfer of students to other programs (e.g. teach-out agreement) as required by applicable law or accrediting agency requirements.