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The Danville Regional Medical Center (DRMC) is dedicated to bringing the best in healthcare close to home, for the patients of the Dan River Region. DRMC is located in Danville, Virginia. It provides care to patients with high acuity disease states from South Central Virginia. The Medical Center serves a population of approximately 150,000 which has the highest prevalence of all forms of chronic medical conditions of any area in Virginia. DRMC provides advanced cardiac surgery, comprehensive interventional cardiology, oncology including radiation therapy, orthopedic and rehabilitation, urologic and renal disease, and mental health care. DRMC is a hospital to which patients choose to come for care, in which physicians want to practice and employees want to work.
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Annual Number Deliveries* 809
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The DRMC residency and internship programs include a variety of progressive family and specialty centered patient care experiences. Residents will provide care to newborns, infants, children, adults, and elders in clinic and inpatient settings. At DRMC on the inpatient wards, in the Emergency Department, and in the outpatient clinics, the resident will be exposed to a wide range of learning situations. Residents will participate in the care of a diverse group of outpatients of all ages. The DRMC Emergency Room is a very high volume acute care facility that provides learning opportunities for all types of trauma as well as medical, obstetrical, and surgical emergencies.The DRMC inpatient learning experience includes internal and family medicine, a robust hospitalist program, intensive care, comprehensive cardiac care, pediatrics, psychiatric, and ob/gyn plus a broad selection of medical subspecialty rotations.

*=2014 data

Internship Program
Training geared towards individuals preference

Family Medicine Residency
Our family practice residency program encompasses a wide-range of progressive family centered patient care experiences

Internal Medicine Residency
The General Internal Medicine Residency is structured to provide residents with the fundamental knowledge and principles essential to the practice of internal medicine

Medical Students
Selected specialties available

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Family Medicine

Internal Medicine

Traditional Rotating Interns

Department of Medical Education

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