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Frequently Asked Questions

Question 1: Do I meet the application requirements if I am enrolled in pre-requisite courses that will end after the application deadline?
Answer. No. Applicants must complete all pre-requisite courses prior to submitting the application. All application information must be received in the office of the Radiologic Technology Program by the stated application deadline or the candidate will not be considered.

Question 2: What if I am taking a course that ends prior to the deadline, but getting the educational institution to send the official transcripts may cause me to possibly miss the deadline?
Answer. An unofficial transcript will be acceptable for submission with the application. Final acceptance into the program will be contingent upon receipt of an official transcript verifying the prerequisite course grade. It is your responsibility to make certain the transcripts are sent by the educational institution.

Question 3: Do I need a computer for school?
Answer. Yes! We do require that you have a laptop computer. You are required also to have an e-mail account that is checked regularly and you need to have convenient Internet access to visit specific websites during the program. All course materials are provided on a CD for you to load onto your computer. We do not provide handouts except in extreme circumstances.

Question 4: Where will I take classes while I am enrolled?
Answer. Classroom activities are held primarily at the School located in the “D” building 5th floor at Danville Regional. Clinical education takes place in our affiliate sites which are located in Danville and Martinsville, VA as well as Eden, NC. Students are required to have their own transportation.

Question 5: How many hours of school will I have per week?
Answer. Our program is full-time. Some semesters require up to 40 hours of classroom/clinic work per week. The program will not exceed 40 hours of attendance per week at any point.

Question 6: Will credits transfer to/from this program?
Answer. Although not very common, credits from the program may transfer to some schools. Each school determines the rate of transfer credit for classes and the Radiography program as a whole. We suggest you contact the specific school of interest and check with them as this is not within our control. Credits transferred in are at the discretion of our Program Director and/or Registrar only. Faculty and other staff members have no authority over transfer credits and therefore will direct student inquiries to the Director and/or Registrar only.

Question 7: What is the “terminal” degree for Radiologic Technology?
Answer. It has been determined by the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools (SACS) that the terminal degree for Radiologic Technology is the Master’s in Radiologic Technology. However, currently no degree is required for entry into this field so as long as you successfully complete the ARRT certification exam you will be employable. This requirement will be changing in 2015 whereas all graduates will be required to hold a minimum of an Associate’s Degree in order to sit for their ARRT registry examination. The vast majority of Radiologic Technologists currently have an Associate’s Degree or Certificate. Wages are not normally based on education level for entry level technologists.

Question 8: I don’t do well on tests, will the program be hard?
Answer. Our program includes a variety of assessment methods including written testing. Students are required to pass comprehensive tests throughout the program. Students who have difficulty with testing should seek tutoring and information on test-testing skills.

Question 9: Can I work while I am in school?
Answer. Many students choose to work while in school. However, it is important to dedicate adequate time to your studies, and work may interfere. Work schedules cannot coincide with class or clinical education. Absences for work are considered unexcused and will be counted against your attendance. Abuse of our attendance policy can result in dismissal.

Question 10: How can I pay for school?
Answer. We have a Financial Aide Officer on campus that can help you with this once you have been accepted into our program. The program is approved for VA Benefits and Federal Financial Aid and has many scholarships available for students to apply for. Many students seek private lenders for assistance in payment of tuition and fees. Students may pay by personal check, cashier’s check or credit card.

Question 11: What happens if I become pregnant while I am in the program?
Answer. A copy of our pregnancy policy is available at

Question 12: What happens if I must miss class or clinic to care for family?
Answer. Students are allotted a specific number of allowed absences each semester for illness, emergencies and unforeseen events. Absences that go beyond the allotted time will result in deductions from the student’s grade and excessive absences could result in dismissal. In some instances, a leave of absence is recommended.

Question 13: When is tuition due?
Answer. Tuition is due within the first five days of classes for each semester. Those receiving financial aid MUST meet the Financial Aid Officer and make arrangements for payment no later than the end of those first 5 days of class.

Question 14: How many hours of study will be required per week?
Answer. Study requirements vary for each student. Some students are able to listen closely in class and study less. Others require intense study outside of school. Students have reported an average between 4 to 12 hours per week of study beyond class and clinical time.

Question 15: Do I get paid while I am going to school?
Answer. No. Students are not paid for any school related activities.

Question 16: If I am not accepted into the program, can I reapply in another cycle?
Answer. Yes. Reapplying applicants will need to meet the admissions criteria of the cycle for which they apply, particularly if the requirements have changed since the previous application cycle. The candidate will have to pay the appropriate application fee (s). If Longer than two years the applicant will be required to submit a new and complete application.

Question 17: Does the program assist with job placement/career advising?
Answer. Danville Regional Medical Center, The School of Health Professions, their affiliates, nor the Radiologic Technology Program guarantee any employment. However, we do schedule recruiters and human resource representatives etc. to come and speak with our students prior to graduation. We also pass along any and all information related to potential employment in person or by email to all of our students as this information comes available.

Question 18: Are there any breaks or vacations?
Answer. The program currently observes the following holidays: Memorial Day, Thanksgiving and the Friday after, Labor Day, and July 4th.

We also have a week of break for; Spring Break, between Spring and Summer Sessions, between Summer and Fall Sessions and approximately 3 weeks for Christmas.

Question 19: Do you maintain a waiting list?
Answer. No, we do not have a waiting list. Once the selection has been made all applicants who are not selected will be reconsidered along with all new applicants for the next class. To be re-considered the applicant must inform us that he/she wishes to be re-considered.