For Professionals

Admission Requirements

Freshmen are admitted to the nursing program each year in August. Prospective students must submit their application packets posted no later than March 15. (Mark application packet as personal & confidential on the outside envelope prior to submission.)

The applicant must have acquired a minimum of 9 academic high school units. In addition, at least 10 college academic credits must have been earned.

Required High School Academic Subjects

Successful completion of the following courses is required before application to the Nursing Program:

  1. English (4 units)
  2. General Biology (1 unit)
  3. General or College Preparatory Chemistry (1 unit) or an equivalent course. (Biology 101 (with a C or higher) in the Virginia Community College system fulfills the requirement for high school chemistry if the chemistry was not taken in high school.)
  4. Algebra (1 unit) (if high school Algebra is not completed must satisfactorily complete a college Math 03 (Basic Algebra)
  5. Social Studies (2 units)

College Pre-Requisite Requirements

College coursework may be completed online.

All applicants are required to take the Compass Assessment Test given at the local community college, to determine if any additional developmental courses need to be taken. Please call (434) 797-8460 at DCC to schedule a time to take the Compass Assessment Test. When this test is completed, you will need to make an appointment to meet with a counselor. If college counselors recommend developmental courses, they must be completed satisfactorily in order to meet the Nursing Program requirements.
Prior to enrollment, 10 semester hours from an accredited college must be completed with a grade of C or better. The required courses are as follows: [these are listed as designated in Virginia Community College system; comparable courses from other colleges may be acceptable; exception: Math 126 must be taken at Danville Community College (DCC); contact Coordinator of Admissions and Student Development]

  • Biology 231* (Anatomy & Physiology I) - 4 semester hours
    If taking Biology 231 at DCC, Biology 101 is required by DCC before entry into Biology 231.
  • Biology 232 (Anatomy & Physiology II) - 4 semester hours
    (credit for A&P taken more than 10 years ago will be decided on an individual basis. Contact Coordinator of Admissions and Student Development)
  • Math 126 (Math for Allied Health) - 2 or 3 semester hours (must be taken at a Virginia Community College within 12 months prior to enrollment.)
  • Other Courses:
      • Bio 101 (if high school chemistry not taken; or it is a required pre-requisite for BIO 231 at DCC)
      • Math 03 (Basic Algebra): IF the Compass Assessment Test indicates Math 03 is required, Math 03 must be satisfactorily completed even though high school algebra may have been taken.
        For the applicant who has not met the minimum academic requirements, developmental or comparable courses may be accepted. Applicants with college (advanced) degrees, including LPNs, will be considered on an individual basis.

        The Additional College Requirements may be completed prior to enrollment or as indicated.

    • ENG 111 – College Composition I – 3 Credit Hours (first semester freshman year)
    • SOC 200 or SOC 201 – Principles of Sociology OR Introduction to Sociology I – 3 Credit Hours (second semester freshman year)
    • PSY 200 orPSY 201 or PSY 230 - Principles of Psychology or Introduction to Psychology or Developmental Psychology - 3 Credit Hours (first semester senior year)
    • MDL 195 – Topics in Microbiology – 2 Credit Hours / OR / BIO 205 General Microbiology – 4 Credit Hours. (Bio 205 - taken prior to enrollment, if not taken prior to enrollment, MDL 195 will be taken third semester of freshman year)


Three professional or academic references are required regarding the applicant’s personal qualifications. The reference sources must be persons who have worked with you or who have knowledge of your skills and abilities, such as recent employer, teacher and/or counselor. Family members, friends and clergymen are not acceptable references.

Pre-Admission Interview

A pre-admission interview is a requirement for admission and is considered a part of the applicant record. Interviews and tours of the school may be scheduled by appointment. Admission is on a competitive basis.
The School of Health Professions Nursing Program reserves the right to select those applicants who seem best qualified for the Nursing Program based upon the entire applicant record.

Transfer Students

(Refer to Admissions and Enrollment)

  1. Applicants who transfer from other nursing schools may be admitted into the curriculum after being considered on the basis of admission requirements, adequate and comparable courses, and evidence of good standing at the institution/nursing program last attended.
  2. Applicants who desire transfer into the Nursing Program must complete the following requirements:
    a. Write a letter to the Nursing Program Admissions Committee.
    b. Meet all School admission requirements.
    c. Have had prior courses in nursing that are required in the Nursing Program.
    d. Submit a catalog from the former school (s) and syllabi, and/or course outlines of courses completed.
    e. Submit official transcripts from former nursing program.
    f. Validate nursing skills and knowledge (if accepted as a transfer student) as designated by Nursing Program.
    g. Successfully complete Math 126 (Math for Allied Health).
    Must be taken at a Virginia Community College within 12 months prior to enrollment.

    The school reserves the right to refuse admission to students who do not complete the above listed requirements prior to the enrollment date.
  3. Equivalent courses from other colleges or nursing programs completed with a grade of C or better and which are part of the Danville Regional Medical Center School of Health Professions Nursing Program’s academic program will be considered for transfer credit.
  4. The Nursing Program Admissions Committee will review each applicant’s record on an individual basis. Placement will be decided by the Committee after all the criteria have been met.
  5. If accepted, the student must be enrolled in this Program for at least three senior level courses plus the management course to earn a minimum of 25% of credit required by this program to be a candidate for graduation.


A student who has withdrawn voluntarily or has been dismissed from the Nursing Program may be considered for readmission on an individual basis. A student can only be accepted for readmission once. To be considered for readmission, the applicant must complete and submit the Danville Regional Medical Center School of Health Professions Request for Readmission form to the Coordinator of Admissions and Student Development at least (3) months prior to anticipated enrollment.

The Nursing Program’s Admissions Committee will evaluate the student for readmission status, review the record, and consider factors, such as: placement in the curriculum, reasons for leaving, length of time since leaving, learning activities since leaving, and past performance in theory and clinical. The Committee may stipulate (with faculty input) certain requirements must be met prior to readmission / re-enrollment. There is no guarantee of readmission. If a student is on the SNAP Program and leaves the nursing program for any reason, he/she will have to follow the stipulation in the SNAP contract regarding repayment and eligibility for additional SNAP assistance. If there are any questions, please see the Financial Aid Officer. Readmission into the program is also contingent upon available clinical facilities, instructor-student ratio, and academic and clinical performance evaluated in view of new qualified applicants.

Applicants for readmission to the Nursing Program must complete the following:

  1. Validate nursing skills and nursing knowledge as required by the Admissions Committee
  2. Have current CPR certification
  3. Have an updated tuberculin test
  4. Provide a statement of intent to improve in academic areas (if deficient), either by experience or academic course work
  5. If termination was due to unsuccessful completion of a required college course, the student must successfully repeat (grade of C or higher) college courses prior to readmission
  6. Re-enroll in the School of Health Professions Nursing Program within the time frame stipulated by the Admission Committee.
  7. Pay the readmission fee upon acceptance for readmission. This fee is nonrefundable

IF re-admitted

  1. Upon readmission to the Nursing Program, the student will be tested for drugs under the School of Health Professions Nursing Program’s policy on illegal drugs and alcohol
  2. Upon readmission, complete DRMC Re-Ed Requirements
  3. Upon readmission to the Nursing Program, the student must submit to a criminal history and federal exclusion check.
  4. Upon readmission, SNAP will not be available to students who have withdrawn failing or left due to academic failure or administrative dismissal. SNAP will not be available to students who have taken a leave of absence or withdrawn passing from the program if the SNAP balance has become delinquent during the time out of school. Delinquency is defined as payments not up to date at the time of readmission

Alternate List:

Each program can accommodate a limited number of students. After a class is filled with the most qualified applicants, a limited number of applicants may be placed on an alternate list for the class. As spaces become available, alternates are selected for acceptance on a competitive basis. Persons on the alternate list, who are not accepted by the first day of class, have the option to reapply (to improve competitive standing) or to be “rolled over” (for admission within 12 months of the original admission cycle) to be reviewed with all other applicants without having to reapply. An applicant on the alternative list may be considered for admission to the next available class at the determination of the Admissions Committee.