For Professionals


Student progress is evaluated weekly, midpoint and at the end of each course with formal, summative evaluations in the folloing areas:

  • Nursing Theory
  • Clinical Nursing Experience

Student Withdrawal/Dismissal

Policies related to student administrative dismissal or withdrawal is enforced according to established procedure when a student's conduct, attitude or scholastic ability make it inadvisable for the student to continue to study. A student may withdraw if policy is followed. Failure to officially withdraw from the Nursing Program or Danville Community College courses will result in a final grade of F on his or her permanent transcript. Students who withdraw may request readmission into the program. Students who leave the school for academic reasons may be eligible for readmission to the school ONE time only. The Admissions Committee makes decisions regarding readmission.


Classroom attendance is expected. Students missing class sessions without proper notification and proper procedure in which exams, quizzes or other assignments occur will receive a zero for the missed work. Students are expected to attend each clinical preparation and clinical day at the scheduled time. Scheduled clinical and clinical preparation times are mandatory. The Student Handbook carries the detailed Attendance Policy.

Grade Scale Points
A+ 97-100 4.5
A 90-96 4.0
B+ 87-89 3.5
B 80-86 3.0
C+ 77-79 2.5
C 73-76 2.0
F Below 73 0
I Incomplete 0
WP Withdraw Passing 0
WF Withdraw Failing 0

Grade Scale Value
S Satisfactory Pass
U Unsatisfactory Fail
I Incomplete Deferral
WP Withdraw Passing None
WF Withdraw Failing None

Program Effectiveness

Program effectiveness is determined by NCLEX-RN passing rate, employment after graduation and graduates' employers survey results. A public disclosure sheet with specific details for each year is available as an insert in the catalog.

Honors List

Students eligible for the Honors List must have a grade point average of 3.50 or above. This recognition is recorded on the student's academic record.


Four annual awards are presented at graduation The Julius Kaufman Memorial Prize is presented to the graduating senior voted the "Best All Around Nurse." The Faculty Leadership Award is presented to the graduating student who exhibits the highest potential for nursing leadership. The Annette M. Compton Memorial Award is presented to an LPN who is compassionate and competent with leadership qualities and a high degree of professionalism. The John E. Weindel Award is presented to a graduating student who has demonstrated compassion and care of others.

Student Excellence Distinction

Mission: to provide leadership and excellence in nursing practice and education to enhance the health of the people within Danville, the Dan River Region, and the surrounding communities. To achieve the Student Excellence Distinction the nursing student must have:

      1. A cumulative DRMC SOHP GPA of at least 3.0 (based on a 4.0 grading scale)
      2. Completed the nursing curriculum
      3. Demonstrated leadership in school/community activities
      4. Excelled in relationships with patients, peers, faculty, and staff
      5. Excelled in clinical areas

    Students who achieve this Distinction will be recognized at Senior Day, have a cord to wear with their cap and gown at graduation, and recognition of this honor noted on the Commencement Program.

    Student Life: Student Services and Activities

    Career Advising

    The School of Health Professions maintains continuous contact with Danville Regional Medical Center's Allied Health Recruiter. The recruiter arranges informal activities with the students, inclusive of discussions with Human Resources representatives and Nursing Administration representatives. Prior to graduation, the recruiter also helps facilitate the application and interview process with the various department heads for available nursing positions in the Danville Regional Medical Center. The School of Health Professions does not guarantee employment following graduation.

    Ceremonies: Achievement and Graduation

    An Achievement Ceremony for freshman students is held near the beginning of the senior year. Students who have successfully fulfilled all requirements of the Program are eligible to receive a diploma in nursing and the Nursing Program pin at the Graduation Ceremony at the end of the senior year mini semester.

    Class Activities

    Activities are fostered by the School of Health Professions Nursing Program faculty and students. Each class annually elects its officers and faculty advisor. Students are encouraged to participate in the intellectual, cultural, social, civic, religious and recreational life of the school community. A broad range of activities permits the student to acquire broader interests which may enhance his or her usefulness to society and personal satisfaction. Social events, to be held at various times during the academic year, are planned by students and faculty.

    Student Rights

    Danville Regional Medical Center School of Health Professions Nursing Program endeavors to provide a systematic and orderly procedure for handling grievances. The Appeals Process Committee will hear complaints or problems of students and cannot be resolved by other means and decide the outcome of that appeal. Further information is stated in the Danville Regional Medical Center School of Health Professions Nursing Program Student Handbook.