WorkPoint Wellness

WorkPoint Wellness is an occupational medicine program that focuses on the wellness of workers -- including the evaluation, treatment and prevention of disease related to environmental and occupational exposures. In this field we:

  • Prevent and manage injury, illness and disability in the workplace
  • Evaluate employee fitness for work
  • Diagnose and treat job-related diseases
  • Identify and resolve potential workplace and environmental hazards
  • Understand rehabilitation methods, health education and government regulations concerning the workplace

Our services

Andy Quinn, NP is specially trained to diagnose and treat occupational medical issues. His areas of service include:

  • Business health & work injury
  • Physicals
  • Pre-placement evaluation & clearance
  • Preventive health & wellness
  • Immunizations
  • Truck driver clearance
  • High blood pressure & heart disease
  • Diabetes

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