Program Overview

Our Cancer Program

  • Cancer care covers risk reduction, screening, diagnosis, treatment and survivorship care. Sovah Health - Danville offers options throughout this cancer continuum. Programs for smoking cessation and healthy living are offered to the community on a regular basis or upon request.
  • Screening for several cancers may be done at a primary care provider’s visit such as cervical, prostate, and skin. Screening for breast, colon and lung cancer requires specialized techniques and equipment. Mammography for breast cancer and colonoscopy for colon cancer are available through Sovah Health - Danville, Danville Physician Practices and at private practices in the area.
  • Screening for lung cancer using Low Dose CT is available through Danville Diagnostic Imaging Center (DDIC) and Sovah Health - Danville Radiology.
  • Any suspected cancer, whether detected by patient, during a physical exam or from a screening test, will be confirmed by a series of diagnostic tests – all of which are available through Sovah Health - Danville's imaging and pathology department.
  • Diagnosis is made with a biopsy. The Pathology Department at Sovah Health - Danville utilizes state-of-the-art equipment and testing techniques to examine samples for malignant cells.
  • After a confirmed diagnosis of cancer, a multidisciplinary team will meet to discuss the findings. The Tumor Board meets weekly to review new cancer cases. A pathologist, surgeons, medical oncologist, radiologist and radiation oncologist confer on the best course of treatment for the patient.
  • Each cancer has its own protocol for staging and treatment and Sovah Health - Danville physicians follow the National Comprehensive Cancer Network (NCCN) guidelines for diagnosis, staging and treatment of cancer. Treatment for cancer may utilize one or more of the following: surgery, chemotherapy and radiation. All are available through the Sovah Health - Danville Cancer Program.
  • All of the cancer cases diagnosed by Sovah Health - Danville Pathology are entered into Virginia’s Cancer Registry. The data entered provides the statistical information about cancer in our region.