Goals & Projects

2014 Goals and Improvement Projects


The committee selected “follow up for mammograms” as the clinical goal. The data is collected by the federal government and published annually with national benchmarks for performance. Generating awareness to the data led the Radiology Department to closely track the follow-up rates by individuals. When rates exceeded national targets, there was discussion as to the merits for aggressive follow up and any patient concerns. Again attentiveness to measures and having national targets encouraged review and action. Our scores are in line with the national targets for follow ups to mammograms.


The committee opted to utilize the requirements for a full Patient Navigation program as our operational project and goal for 2014. A Patient Navigator Coordinator was employed to lead our initiative and, with a multidisciplinary team, developed a navigation protocol. The service actually began meeting with patients during the spring of 2014.

Accomplishments for Improved Cancer Care

  • Implemented HealthStream Patient Satisfaction Monitoring for our Oncology clinics which aligns
  • with the survey system utilized by the hospital.
  • Assured privacy of patients receiving infusion with availability of privacy screens.
  • Provided patients receiving infusion with IPADS.
  • Provided Self-Referral Lung Screening services to the community.
  • Provided multiple screening opportunities at local and industrial health fairs.
  • Conducted colon cancer and skin cancer educational sessions for the community.
  • Partnered with Duke Cancer Services to further serve our cancer patients.