Diagnostic Services

Medical Oncology

Danville Hematology and Oncology (DHO), located at 125 Executive Drive, provides medical oncology services. DHO emphasizes patient-centered care, making patients its primary focus. In collaboration with surgical, pathological and radiation oncologists, DHO provides initial diagnosis, planning, cutting-edge cancer treatment and post treatment follow up of patients with cancers or blood disorders. Its state-of-the-art infusion service led by medical oncologists and certified chemotherapeutic nurse and staff, administer chemotherapeutic treatment and other supportive infusion services Monday through Friday. 

Clinical trials are available in accordance with several academic based cancer centers and national affiliations. Membership in the Southeast Clinical Oncology Research Consortium (http://southeastcancercontrol.org) allows access to a variety of current national clinical trials. Outside of the membership with SCOR, Danville Hematology and Oncology also conducts research with Wake Forest University Baptist Medical Center Comprehensive Cancer Center, Virginia Commonwealth University and the private pharmaceutical industry.

Making research available to our patients provides more treatment options. Clinical Trials include only the patients who choose to participate. In many cases, these trials can provide the most current treatment options available.

Radiation Oncology

The Center for Radiation Oncology, located at 188 South Main Street, offers state-of-the-art cancer treatments in a compassionate environment. Using the 3D conformal, IMRT (intensity modulated radiotherapy) and IGRT (image guided radiation therapy), the Varian linear accelerator with 6/18 MV photons and a range of electron energies targets the tumor without harming the surrounding healthy tissue. A board certified Radiation Oncologist and a highly trained staff serve patients at the Center for Radiation Oncology.


Laboratory service throughout Sovah Health - Danville cancer services is performed by trained and certified clinical laboratory staff in laboratories which are CLIA (Clinical Laboratory Improvement Amendment) and COLA (Commission on Office Laboratory Accreditation) certified. The advanced clinical laboratory equipment allows processing of hematology, clinical chemistries, immunodiagnostics, coagulation and urinalysis. Our experienced lab and phlebotomy staff provide efficient, rapid analysis for subsequent evaluation of results by our clinical staff.

The pathology department provides diagnostic and cancer staging information by performing cytologic and histologic tests on specimens obtained in the outpatient office as well as by surgery.


The surgeons employed by Sovah Health - Danville are also Duke Medical Center surgeons. Piedmont Surgery Clinic is an affiliate of Duke Medicine Specialists.

Oncology Nurses

Our highly-skilled oncology nurses utilize their scientific knowledge, technical skills, and compassion to help cancer patients and their families throughout the cancer journey. As the driver of overall care, oncology nurses are passionate about making the patient experience as positive as possible – before,during and after cancer treatment.

Patient Navigation

Patient navigation is offered throughout DRMC’s service area for patients with suspicious findings – through diagnosis, treatment and survivorship. The navigator can meet the patient at the doctor’s office or may be requested by the patient at any time to access known or potential barriers to pursuing a diagnosis and treatment for disease. There is no charge for this service.

Susan Mathena
Patient Navigation Coordinator
Danville Hematology and Oncology