Cancer Conference

Cancer Conference is held every Thursday at 7 am. Attendance by physicians from pathology, oncology, radiation oncology, surgery, pulmonology, and diagnostic radiology provides a multidisciplinary approach to determine the best treatment plan for the patient. It also serves as an educational forum for residents and medical students.

During the meeting, a physician presents each case. Next, a pathologist presents slides on a microscope that confirms the diagnosis. A diagnostic radiologist presents any imaging that has been done and discusses the size and location of the cancer. Staging is determined if enough tests have been done; if not the additional tests needed may be decided upon. Treatment options such as additional surgery, chemotherapy, radiation; palliative care and hospice, are talked about as well as the patient’s age and physical status to determine what is best in each situation. 

In 2013, 44 meetings were held with 223 cases being discussed.