Cancer Committee

Our Cancer Committee is a multidisciplinary committee including physicians, hospital and clinic employees, and representatives from the American Cancer Society. The committee meets every other month to review progress on strategies and identified projects in support of excellent care. The members are:

  • Dr. John Nelson - Radiation Oncologist, Chairman
  • Dr. Akintunde Akinleye - Oncologist, Cancer Liaison Physician
  • Dr. Gary Lahti – Surgeon
  • Dr. Thomas Hardy – Pathologist
  • Susan Mathena – Patient Navigator Coordinator
  • Karen Draper, RN – Case Manager
  • Kathy White – Manager of Radiation Oncology, Clinical Research Coordinator
  • Dr. Chockeo Syvanthong – Radiologist
  • Dr. Ankit Madan, Oncologist
  • Lendy Cox – Tumor Registrar
  • Anne Wood – Quality Director
  • Teresa Pruitt - Senior Quality Director
  • Elizabeth Harris – Marketing 
  • Annika Dean – American Cancer Society Representative
  • Residents also rotate as members