Jim's Cardiac Cath Lab Story

Cardiac Cath Lab

"We have great heart care right here in Danville."

It was a Friday evening in July. Jim Shields was on his way back to Danville after making a delivery from his Collie Equipment store when he began to feel nauseated. He wasn't sure why he was feeling queasy, but he was sure that he needed to get back to his store quickly. On his way there, he developed chest pain which began to travel down his arm. The next thing he knew, he was waking up in a ditch. He had passed out, veered off the road, hit a mailbox and wrecked his vehicle. Jim had experienced a heart attack.

He remembers the Danville Life Saving Crew arriving quickly to take care of him. After alerting the Emergency Department at Sovah Health - Danville (formerly DRMC), they were shortly on their way with Jim. When they arrived at the hospital, the ED team quickly assessed him in a triage room and immediately sent him to the cardiac catheterization lab where a Duke Health physician, Dr. Kevin Lingle, and the cath lab team stood ready.  The procedure showed that Jim did have one blockage in his heart -- the "widow maker," one that few people survive.

Jim survived, and he says his experience in the cath lab was seamless and smooth.

"They took such good care of me," he says, "and really made me feel at ease."

Jim spent two nights in the intensive care unit. Today, he participates in the Sovah Health - Danville cardiac rehabilitation program and still runs his business full-time.

"I would highly recommend DRMC for cardiac care," he says. "There is no reason for anyone to travel out of town. We have great heart care right here in Danville."