Carl's Cardiac Rehab Story

Cardiac Rehab

"Cardiac rehab changed my life, and still does."

Carl Burger knew something was wrong when he woke on the morning of February 11, 2010. The Danville pastor found himself in a cold sweat, with an uncomfortable tightness in his chest. A cardiac catheterization when he arrived at the Sovah Health - Danville (formerly DRMC) Emergency Department revealed four blockages in his heart, and surgery was quickly scheduled for the next Monday. After his surgery, Carl spent time in the intensive care unit and healed fairly quickly.

One month later, Carl took the next step in his journey back to wellness and began cardiac rehabilitation. The supervised exercise conditioning, education classes and counseling offered as part of Sovah Health - Danville's cardiac rehabilitation program helped to get Carl on a healthier path and back to what was really important to him -- helping others. 

In fact, Sovah Health - Danville's cardiac rehab program ignited such a difference in Carl that, seven years later, he still attends cardiac rehab at Sovah Health - Danville three days a week. He follows a healthy diet and has lost a total of 35 pounds.

"I told them I would be coming as long as the doors were open," Carl says. "I have nothing but praise for the cardiac rehab unit at DRMC. It is one of the best services within the heart program that they offer."